Retention refers to that phase of orthodontic treatment which follows the period in braces during which major tooth movements were being accomplished. Although the major tooth corrections are completed, some minor detailed movements may be carried out by use of the retainers. Nature now performs her task of rebuilding bone and readapting the muscles of your cheeks and lips.

The retention period is JUST AS IMPORTANT as the tooth moving stage of treatment. Cooperation of the patient in the wearing of the retaining appliances is extremely important to insure the stability of the finished result.

Tooth relationships and frequently the entire facial appearance will continue to improve for the next eighteen months to two years as nature assists by adjusting to these corrected tooth positions.

Appointments during retention will be at regular intervals initially and later will be more spaced according to the patient’s progress.

The most recent research shows that we should present “retention” as a lifetime concept to our patients. This research has shown that continued retention is the best way to protect a successful orthodontic outcome from normal aging changes.

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