CARE Program

Dr. Statler with younger patient.A service unique to our office is our CARE PROGRAM. It is critical to learn early in orthodontic treatment how to take care of your teeth and appliances. Patients who do not learn early run the risk, when the appliances are removed, of having a smile that is well arranged, but unsightly due to oral hygiene problems.

The CARE PROGRAM presents this needed information in a lively and upbeat format. Patients, parents and friends have fun while receiving tips for better oral hygiene that can make a big difference in their ultimate orthodontic result.

Therefore, we request that each patient (12 or younger) newly in orthodontic appliances attend one of our CARE PROGRAMS. He or she is encouraged to bring a friend, as we designed the session to be of benefit for anyone, regardless of whether he or she has orthodontic appliances. Even Mom or Dad will enjoy it and gain valuable information.

By your child’s participation in this program, you can ensure that maximum lifelong benefits are received from your investment in orthodontic treatment.

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