Early Treatment

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that every child see an orthodontist at age 7, or earlier if there are problems that need to be evaluated.

Early treatment presents the opportunity to:

· Promote jaw growth in a positive manner
· Improve the width of the dental arches
· Reduce or eliminate the need to extract permanent teeth
· Prevent or reduce the chances of needing jaw surgery
· Eliminate harmful oral habits
· Move the permanent teeth into move favorable positions
· Improve aesthetics and self-esteem
· Preserve or gain space for erupting permanent teeth
· Simplify and shorten treatment time for definitive orthodontic
· Reduce potential for damage to TMJ and correct TMJ disfunctions

We offer a Recall/Observation service at no charge to our patients. Following a patient’s growth and development closely allows us to begin treatment during the optimal period of growth.

Two-phase treatment occurs when a child needs interceptive/orthopedic corrections in the mixed dentition-  when there are both primary and permanent teeth present. This earlier phase can significantly reduce or even eliminate the time needed for future braces. Additionally it can eliminate the need for future extractions and other oral surgery procedures. The first phase prevents certain problems from becoming more severe.

The second phase addresses malocclusion or crowding of the full permanent dentition. This treatment is done when most or all of the permanent teeth have erupted and issues with spacing, crowding, alignment, jaw size discrepancies, jaw pain, and TMJ problems are present

We utilize the latest technology and techniques to minimize the amount of time our patients are in active treatment.


Early intervention with minimal orthodontics: orthopedic changes were accomplished which resulted in this beautiful smile. (2nd Phase) Full braces were not needed.

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