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Our office environment is unique. It was designed with the chambered nautilus shell in mind. The entire staff was involved in creating an office culture that reflects natural beauty, harmony and balance. The chambered nautilus is one of nature’s most distinct examples of how symmetry affects both esthetics and function.

The main treatment area has a multi-colored spiral ceiling. The master painter who painted the ceiling held the nautilus shell in his hand as he airbrushed the ceiling to capture the nuances of color and iridescence that the mother of pearl nautilus shell exhibits. Most walls are bent in a curve to follow the nautilus shell curves.

We recently updated the office carrying forward the theme of harmony and soothing esthetics. There are several beautiful iridescent tile walls, and our new logo welcomes you in the reception area. The tooth brushing stations have been updated for patients'’' enjoyment and convenience.

And what would an orthodontic office be without fun? There is fun all around with our underwater theme. Our dolphins, Bandit and Bracket, frolic above the treatment area. We have chairside video games, a library, and a game room for kids. We also offer complimentary Wi-Fi to ensure your visit to our office is productive and enjoyable.

Our office has many interesting things to discover. One feature that always creates excitement – believe it or not – is our bathroom door! The door is clear glass and you wonder initially – how is that going to work? But you quickly learn that once the lock on the inside is turned, the door magically frosts over. This is such a unique feature and provides lots of smiles as our new patients discover it.

Parents are always welcome in our treatment areas, but most want to take advantage of our quiet reception room. We provide Wi-Fi and the latest magazines as well as detailed educational information on the latest advancements in orthodontics. You can be confident that your child is receiving the finest orthodontic care available in South Florida!

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Picture of the office lobby.

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