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"Dr. Statler is awesome!! Amazing!! Very patient and kind."
-Taylor L.

"Dr. Statler is very friendly, and she's always sure to let you know what's going on."
-Aaron G.

"Dr. Statler was very nice and always helpful with her bubbly, positive attituded!"
-Daniela M.




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Dr. Statler:

“Great person to be around and a great orthodontist”
Sandy S.
“She’s awesome – very nice, cool!!!”
Blake R
“always lets you know what’s going on. Very friendly”
Aaron G
“Awesome!! Amazing!! Very patient and kind”
Taylor L
“Was very nice and always helpful with her bubbly, positive attitude!”
Daniela M
“Dr. Statler is so nice. I always look forward to seeing her.”
Jayci F
“always nice, always smiling – keeps it real.”
Lindsay A

Early treatment:

“The office is kid-friendly and very colorful.”
Daniela M.

Office Environment:

“The office is super-cool. Fish everywhere”
Scott S.
“Office is nice, organized, neat, high-tech. Everyone is helpful”.
Blake R.
“We love the ocean theme”
Taylor L.
“The office is really relaxing.”
Marie C

Benefits of Orthodontics:

“It’s wonderful to finally be confident about smiling.”
Aaron G
“My new smile was definitely worth the hard work.”
“My new smile is phenomenally better than when I started. I love my smile now!”
Lindsay A
“Love my new smile. Can’t stop smiling!!”
Lauren V


“So kind – I’m so grateful they helped me get my braces off in time for graduation!
“I always felt welcomed whenever I walked in”.
Brenna S
“A well-oiled machine. Everyone works so well together”
Nancy S