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"I always feel welcomed whenever I walk in - that's really nice."
-Brenna S.

"Dr. Statler is awesome - very nice, cool!"
-Blake R.

"ALWAYS smiling, always nice -- keeps it real."
-Lindsay A.


Types of Braces



We utilize the SmartClip™ appliance by 3M Unitek in our office. Dr. Statler loves these unique brackets that use a technology called “self-ligation” that allows the wire to quickly snap into each bracket but once engaged has an almost frictionless fit. This lowered friction results in better control of tooth movement and greater comfort for the patient. In addition, SmartClip™ brackets often reduce the number of adjustments needed, increase the number of weeks between visits, and can reduce overall treatment time.

Damon® Clear Brackets

Dr. Statler also use the exciting new Damon® Clear  bracket. This passive self-ligating bracket is incredibly clear and has a smaller surface area then most other brackets. Damon® Clear offers a combination of enhanced esthetics that even the most image-conscious patient will appreciate along with the functionality and strength that orthodontists need. Dr. Statler appreciates the following advantages of Damon® Clear:

·              Unrivaled design  and truly aesthetic passive self-ligation

·              Made from Polycrystalline alumina (PCA) material which is
  more resistant to staining from coffee, wine, and other edibles

·              They eliminate the need for rubber elastic ties that trap food and
  loosen with time

·              Advanced passive self-ligation technology minimizes the friction to
  allow for more efficient tooth movement

Damon® Q Braces

In an effort to provide our patients with the very latest in orthodontics, Dr. Statler is proud to offer new Damon® Q braces: these new, all-metal, self-ligating braces are designed to increase patient comfort and reduce overall treatment time..

Damon® Q brackets are made entirely of high-grade stainless steel for strength and durability. These brackets have smoother, more rounded corners which are less noticeable and extremely comfortable. Dr. Statler appreciates that Damon® Q braces feature removable positioning gauges to help ensure the brackets are placed in the perfect position to give you a great-looking smile! for a beautiful smile with the minimal amount of treatment time, let your Statler Orthodontics team know you are interested in Damon® Q!


The Invisalign® System is a series of clear  almost invisible overlay templates—called aligners— that are worn by the patient.  The aligners are created using the most advanced computer aided CAD/CAM technology. Each aligner is worn for a period of time prescribed by the Dr. Statler to gradually move the teeth. This system is available to  teen and adult patients with specific orthodontic, bite, and smile issues. An evaluation by Dr. Statler will determine if you are a candidate for the Invisalign® system.  The entire team at Statler Orthodontics takes part in Invisalign training to ensure that our patients receive the best results possible!  Dr. Statler is a Premier Provider of Invisalign treatment which ranks her in the top 5% of clinicians in the country.

Invisalign Teen™

For those teens who wish to straighten their teeth without metal braces, Invisalign Teen is the clear choice. For the especially appearance-conscious teen, these aligners are removable and almost invisible, which means teeth can be straightened without anyone knowing.  Patients can still eat and drink what you want, and the teeth can be brushed and flossed normally to maintain oral health.  Additionally, there are no wires, metal or brackets to cause mouth abrasions.

A Blue Dot Wear Indicator is present to show how long each aligner has been worn.  Six free replacement aligners are available in case some are lost or broken. Dr. Statler endorses Invisalign Teen as a great teeth-straightening system for today’s teens’ and their busy lifestyles!



Using proven state-of-the-art technology to enhance your experience, we maintain the most advanced procedures and equipment available to ensure that every patient achieves a healthy and beautiful smile.

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