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"So kind - I'm so grateful they helped me get my braces off in time for graduation!"

"Dr. Statler is so nice, I always look forward to my orthodontic appointments!"
-Jayci F.

"Dr. Statler was very nice and always helpful with her bubbly, positive attituded!"
-Daniela M.


First Aid

If you call our office with something broken or poking, it is important for you to know that there are various ways for these situations to be handled.

Many times a patient or parent can relieve the discomfort by following the instructions given on the phone by our staff member. We know it is not always convenient for you to come into our office. Also, many times it is not necessary. Sometimes we will set up an appointment within a few days to handle the situation.

You may be asked by one of our staff members to temporarily discontinue wearing a particular appliance or to bend a poking wire out of the way. No need to worry, it is a temporary solution that will not hinder your overall treatment progress.

Loose brackets, poking wires and other problems can happen to even the most careful and cooperative patient and we will work with you to accommodate your needs in every way we can.

We are available by phone during and after office hours for any concerns