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Statler Orthodontics is using modern orthodontics to change lives one smile at a time

New advances in orthodontic technology continue to improve the comfort, precision and speed of orthodontic treatment. The new techniques and appliances we use are more comfortable, smaller, and are more aesthetic than ever before.

We offer several options for our patients including small traditional metal brackets and tooth-colored clear ceramic brackets that are barely noticeable. We use self-ligating brackets (3-M Smartclip and Damon) to allow for faster wire changes, shorter appointments, and often times longer periods of time between visits. These brackets are also easier to keep clean than traditional brackets that hold the wires in place with rubber bands that lose their elasticity over time or must be tied in with metal holders. Our space-age low force/high comfort wires provide gentler and more predictable tooth movement.

For many types of orthodontic problems, Invisalign (a series of clear aligners) is an even more esthetic method to accomplish our orthodontic goals. Our state-of-the-art office uses computerized digital imaging to assure that patients receive the the highest quality images with lowest possible x-ray exposure.

During the initial complimentary examination Dr. Statler will determine the best possible treatment for your individual needs.

Successful orthodontics today is not just about straight teeth, but a perfects a delicate balance between the upper and lower teeth, the jaw and jaw joints and provides a positive effect on the overall facial appearance. All these factors are carefully considered by Dr. Statler to ensure that you have a smile that will be a source of pride and self-esteem for a lifetime!

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